Why your business brand means much more than your logo
By Pete Winter

Why your business brand means much more than your logo

Your business brand is not your logo.

Your logo is a big part of it, but it isn’t everything – and here’s why:

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Your logo is just the start

Your business branding is the message you put out there about your entire organisation. It’s the the style and the format in which you share your goals and activities.

Consistency is everything

One of the main aims of a company rebrand is to create a consistent style and look in everything you do – your website, your social networking, your sales literature – everything. Instead of being solely about your logo, your company rebrand pulls everything together.

It’s not about you

Focusing only on logo rebranding can make a company take a limited view. This could limit your rebrand to being just a cosmetic exercise. A true company rebrand is designed around a marketplace and an audience and what is relevant to them.

It’s not just about pretty

A rebrand is not just about a great looking logo – it’s about a great looking business that projects credibility and is clearly defined within its marketplace.

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