Top reasons why you shouldn’t bother rebranding
By Pete Winter

Top reasons why you shouldn’t bother rebranding

Why rebrand your business at all?

It’s a tough marketplace out there, so what’s the point of spending money on a company rebrand?

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You don’t care about your competitors

Don’t care about your competitors? Then there’s definitely no point in completing a company rebranding exercise. If you’re not bothered about staying ahead of the competition there’s no need to worry about having a brand that clearly marks you out as the best in your industry.

All your customers understand what you’re about

If all your existing customers are clear about what you have to offer, you can forget about the value of a company rebrand. The sign that your customers get you completely is that they continue to use your services and regularly buy into additional services. If that is the case for you, why would you need a new brand that clearly communicates everything you have to offer?

You have enough business

Got plenty of customers for now and the foreseeable future? Great. Then there’s no need to develop a company brand that helps to interest people in your product or service. Or to think about defining your business in a crowded marketplace.

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