Tips on what a UK copywriter forgot to tell you
By Pete Winter

Tips on what a UK copywriter forgot to tell you

Three things your copywriter forgot to tell you

death of copywriting

Planning on asking a UK copywriter to create content for your business – or already in conversation with a copywriter about your copy? Here are three things they might have forgotten to tell you:

1. Your content gets lonely without a strategy

Has your copywriter asked you about your overall plan for your content? If not, then it’s likely that the content they product won’t create the results you want. Do you have a connected, clear plan for your content so that it draws in visitors and converts them into customers instead of it just sitting there on your website or your blog?

2. SEO copywriting is not a quick fix

Speaking to a general copywriter or a dedicated SEO copywriter? Have they asked you about your long term plan for your keywords? No? Have you considered how you’ll keep track of the new keywords your customers are looking for – not just now, but in one months, two months, a year?

3. Copywriting is about buying, not selling

That might sound strange, but has your copywriter asked you about your approach to buying rather than selling – your customer’s buying cycle rather than your selling cycle? To get real results, your copywriter needs to create copy that matches each stage of your potential customer’s buying process

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