Why inbound marketing is good for copywriting
By Pete Winter

Why inbound marketing is good for copywriting

Why inbound marketing is great news for your business content


Content is a business essential right now. Most companies want to boost credibility and strengthen their online profile with professional content on their blogs, websites and emails. But it seems that many companies are still missing a trick when it comes to actively designing content around bringing in new business. Here’s why inbound marketing is such great news for your content strategy.

  • Inbound marketing technology allows you to automate your marketing content to match each stage of your prospect’s buying cycle. So whether it’s initial interest or long-standing consideration, you can create email content for the stage they’re at.
  • Inbound marketing allows you to view – live – the content that your website visitors are responding to. This gives you lots of benefits. One is that your salespeople can make more informed and effective follow up calls. Another is that you can adapt your content according to which documents receive the best response.

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