What’s wrong with SEO copywriting
By Pete Winter

What’s wrong with SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting is popular right now. No wonder, when you consider the impact of targeted content on search engine rankings and the growing value of well crafted content in general. But there is something wrong with SEO copywriting. Something that stops many companies from gaining the kinds of results they want from their SEO. Here’s what it is:

whats missing from copy writing

The mystery of the missing strategy

SEO copywriting often comes without a strategy. A one-off approach to gathering keywords and building them into content does not make a strategy. But SEO copywriting as part of a wider inbound marketing approach does. Inbound marketing technology allows you to view and track the main keywords your prospects are looking for – and those that your competitors use. It also allows you to keep up to date with what’s changing, letting you update your content.

The one-dimensional relationship

The other thing that’s wrong with SEO copywriting is that it puts all the focus on keywords, ignoring the value of getting to know your customer and building a relationship with them. It’s all very well attracting new website visitors, but what happens when there’s no targeted content to engage them when they arrive?

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