Three copywriting tips every business needs to know
By Pete Winter

Three copywriting tips every business needs to know

Using content to market your business? Want your content to create results and help boost your company’s performance? Here are three copywriting tips you’ll want to know:

death of copy writing

1. Insight creates better content

It’s tempting to ask your copywriter to quickly create content to fill that gap on your website or your blog. But this creates content with a limited shelf life and low commercial value. Create content that drives sales and leads by planning it within a wider inbound marketing strategy.

2. Use copywriting to focus on the buy rather than the sell

This may sound strange, but your copywriting will create better results when it’s focused on your customer’s buying cycle. Instead of ‘Sell Sell Sell’, plan your copywriting around your particular target market’s problems and pains.

3. Copywriting is a long-term activity

By bringing in someone like an SEO copywriter on a one-off or short-term basis only, you are significantly limiting the potential impact of your content. Plan and use your resources in a more strategic way as part of a much more productive inbound marketing strategy, rather than reacting to a change in the market or a change in strategy.

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