Is online copywriting a business risk or a business asset?
By Pete Winter

Is online copywriting a business risk or a business asset?

Online copywriting: business risk or business asset?

Everyone’s online these days. The statistics show that we’re all using the internet to browse, buy and connect with businesses. This would suggest that online copywriting could only ever be a business asset. But there are several reasons why this isn’t always the case:

death of copy writing

Online copywriting can drain your business

If your online copywriting comes without a long-term plan, it could be a drain on your resources rather than an asset. Untargeted seo content will only work in a piecemeal way in connecting with your customers. It is likely to fail at converting new web visitors into real prospects – costing you money in the long-term.

Online copywriting can undermine your credibility on the net

Online copywriting done as a one-off effort, for example in a blog, could end up harming rather than helping your business presence on the net. Online copywriting, done as part of an inbound marketing approach, however, can boost your leads and your sales – as well as your business reputation.

Online copywriting means much more than SEO

Online copywriting that gets results is about a great deal more than just sprinkling the latest SEO keywords throughout your content.

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