Boost your SEO with Hubspot's New Page App
By Pete Winter

Boost your SEO with Hubspot’s New Page App

The Hubspot page analysis and grader tools have been combined to give a great dashboard for ensuring your pages are search engine optimised, attracting visitors to your website and converting those visitors into Leads and Customers.

Dashboard view

In the new Pages dashboard we get a heads up view that can be sorted by date (1 day, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or custom) and shows;

  1. Total page views for the period and views over that period
  2. Amount of tracked keywords ranked in the top 100 (caveat: unfortunately Hubspot still only works on for rankings so may not be relevant if, like us, you’re targeting the UK market so you will still need to use tools like Raven and SEOmoz or the free Rank Tracker from SEO Book for tracking SEO keyword performance)
  3. Total inbound links to your pages


hubspot inbound marketing pages app dashboard


The part i like about this app is it combines all website pages, landing pages and blog posts in one, which means you get a complete view of every page or post that exists on your website as it’s essential for all of them to be performing well.

List of pages

We get a full list of every page across the website and blog that can be sorted by Amount of Page Views, Call To Action (CTA) Conversion % (as long as you’re using the Hubspot CTA tool), Keywords ranked in search engines (note caveat above re and amount of inbound links.

Hubspot will automatically crawl each page on your websit, if your website is hosted on the Hubspot CMS or by having the Hubspot tracking code if your website is external to the Hubspot CMS, and return messages to help you optimise each page on your website. This can be seen in the list of pages with a symbol to the left of each page name, which means you can quickly scan the list and jump straight to pages that need fixing.


hubspot inbound marketing pages app page detail


Page detail

From the list of pages you can jump in to details about each web page with a heads up view for that page:


hubspot inbound marketing pages app page heads up view


You’ll then see a number of tabs that cover key areas of the web page to include:

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Ranked Keywords
  3. Inbound Links
  4. CTAs
  5. Social Media


hubspot inbound marketing pages app page detail view



Overall this is a great addition to the Hubspot Marketing Software and should be a regular go to for all companies wanting to make their website work to attract visitors and convert them in to Leads and Customers.

As with all automated tools you need to apply some human logic as the messages these tools give may not always be right depending on your SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisation strategies.

As Google announces more and more changes to how they rank websites it is essential to have a website with high quality content that is fully optimised and by following the suggestions from this app you will be doing a far better job than many of your competitors.

About the author

Pete Winter performance director tomorrow people inbound marketing 100Pete Winter if the Performance Director at Tomorrow People focusing on Online Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation and Website Conversion Rate Optimisation.

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