The Content Marketing 101
By Pete Winter

The Content Marketing 101

You may have heard the term “content marketing” being bandied about left, right and even centre, as if it’s the best thing since mankind stopped taking knives to bread.

“What is it though? How can it help me? This is going to cost, isn’t it? Erm, will it make me more attractive to the opposite sex?”

All valid questions, barring the last one perhaps, and as you asked so nicely, we shall attempt to provide some answers:


Content Marketing 101


So what is this content marketing lark all about then?

Well, you might have heard of this relatively recent invention called the internet. It allows the likes of us to engage with the likes of you and vice versa. And the great thing about it is neither of us has to get up out of our chair.

That’s the beauty of content marketing. Instead of going out and finding the business, you let it come to you. By understanding what your customers want to know, you can provide the answers they need through relevant and engaging content. The traditional advertising model is in decline. People got fed up of being sold to when they weren’t ready to buy.

How do you know if it’s working?

Through analysis of the data showing how potential customers arrive at your site, you can apply strategy, maximising the potential for converting visitors into leads and leads into sales.

Brand loyalty

Do it right and they’ll keep coming back. You are the digital equivalent of the font of all knowledge and all the while your brand is seeping into their consciousness, saturating the part of the brain that controls the purse strings. Waiting… set for the moment when they’re ready to take the next step and then…

…The payoff

Another satisfied customer. With the likelihood of repeat business.

What sort of content should I be aiming for?

The world is your oyster. As long as it meets the needs of your customers, both existing and prospective, and adheres to your content strategy, you could try:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • E-books
  • YouTube vids
  • Podcasts
  • Case studies
  • Infographics
  • Slideshows

The list of content types and distribution tactics goes on.

So where do I get this content?

The beauty of content marketing is that you can do it yourself. You control what is said and how your business is presented to the world.

If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always get help. There are consultancies that specialise in content and inbound marketing… Tomorrow People, for instance.

So it is going to cost, right?

Think about your current marketing spend and the ROI it offers. Content marketing is a proven and cost-effective solution for generating better quality leads. Gone is the need for costly advertising, press releases and publishing fees.

Remember, content marketing means you don’t have to waste time and resources pushing for business, only to get poor results. The leads will come to you!

So… ahem… Will it make me more attractive to the opposite sex?

Friend, once all that new business starts flying in, you won’t have time for the opposite sex.  


To find out more about content marketing, download our eGuide, ‘What Is Content Marketing? Your How-To Guide’.



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