The Key to Online Digital Marketing is Achieving Higher Grades
By Pete Winter

The Key to Online Digital Marketing is Achieving Higher Grades

It’s no longer enough to base your inbound marketing strategy around your dazzling website. The world has changed; your performance in social media, blogs and email marketing must also be better than your competitors’. But it’s often difficult to assess what you’re getting right and what needs to improve.


Marketing grader


There are so many things to think about:

  • How well are you using networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?
  • How does your website compare?
  • Are you doing enough to generate leads?
  • Is your site accessible on mobile devices?
  • Are you blogging enough and about the right sort of stuff?

Fortunately, there’s a special tool which can answer these questions in seconds and give you the detailed feedback you need. The Zoober Marketing Grader provides relevant data about your online marketing strategies in three segments.

“Top of the Funnel” looks at what you’re doing to attract visitors; “Middle of the Funnel” considers how you convert traffic into leads; and, finally, “Analytics” looks at how well you evaluate your marketing strategies.

The Zoober Marketing Grader will grade your online presence out of 100 and give advice on improving performance. Following through on the action tips provided will set you on the road to becoming a marketing superstar.


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