Are you getting many happy returns from your website?
By Alistair Norman

Are you getting many happy returns from your website?

You’ve invested a lot of money in your website. It looks great and you’re terribly proud of it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective in creating new business.

Assuming that it’s so jazzy that it must be working is too big a risk. Your website has to be high-performing to give your inbound marketing campaign a competitive edge. So you need to measure accurately whether it’s producing a return on investment (ROI).


ROI Calculator


But that is surely a complex matter involving hideously complicated sums? Actually, it’s easy; with an online app called the Inbound Marketing Calculator.

In minutes, it takes the guesswork out of your online media marketing by working out your website’s ROI. Armed with the figures, you will have the confidence to ask the following key questions:

  • Do I need to invest more to bring the site up to the standards of my competitors?
  • Am I differentiating my content, rather than repeating the same tired cliches?
  • How can I boost my traffic and lead generation?
  • How can my website help me achieve my sales and revenue targets?

The Author

Alistair Norman

Alistair Norman | Marketing Director

Alistair is responsible for the strategy, design and implementation of our Inbound and Content Marketing, with a focus on developing B2B and B2C markets.

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