OMG it’s HubSpot 3!
By Pete Winter

OMG it’s HubSpot 3!

The new version of HubSpot is released in the UK this month; here are the features we’re most looking forward to getting our greasy mitts on.

As I’m sure you’ll already know, Tomorrow People is proud to be a HubSpot gold partner. (In fact, we were named HubSpot’s ‘International Partner Agency of the Year’ in August.)

Without the complex marketing analytics tools HubSpot software gives Tomorrow People and our clients, the inbound marketing and content marketing campaigns we carry out would be impossible. Tomorrow People uses HubSpot within all its marketing campaigns for blog and social media traffic analysis, lead generation and management, search engine optimisation and email campaign management.

So I’m sure you’ll understand how excited we are that the latest version of the software, HubSpot 3, will be available in the UK this month!


OMG it's HubSpot 3


Announced at the INBOUND 2012 conference on Wednesday, August 29, HubSpot 3 will be “an all-in-one control centre for inbound marketing activity via a completely integrated platform”, according to the HubSpot blog

The software, which has been in development for a year, is a ‘completely rebuilt version’. There are many new features within HubSpot 3, but these are the ones we’re most excited about:

  • ‘Smart fields’ will mean customers sick of filling in their details in online forms will now only be asked for information they haven’t given before.
  • It will be easier to create landing pages, even if you can’t use HTML, with simple ‘drag and drop’ building tools.
  • Email campaigns will give you an assessment of how ‘lovable’ your marketing is before you hit send – bless!  
  • The ‘Contacts’ database will be improved, allowing you to look at each customer in detail, and will be more effectively integrated with email marketing tools.

All in all, it looks like HubSpot 3 will mean less jumping between tools and tabs and easier, more intuitive marketing processes – whether you’re a marketing expert or a newbie. The cherry on the cake? There’s a new iPhone app, meaning you’ll soon be able to take HubSpot with you on the go. We’ll probably even end up taking it on holiday with us – to find out how many people are reading this blog in our absence!

To find out more about content marketing, download our eGuide ‘What is Content Marketing: Your How-To Guide’.


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