Five Simple Steps to Make You a King (or Queen) of Content Marketing
By Pete Winter

Five Simple Steps to Make You a King (or Queen) of Content Marketing

how to rule onlineWith so much guff floating around on the Internet you need to make sure your website can stand out and take the crown. Content marketing is a great way to attract curious visitors to your site. Follow these five simple rules to secure your reign in the online domain.

#1 It’s not Business, it’s Personal!

So many articles, so many people, so little time. Know what your audience is listening for and tailor your conversation to its needs. Is your website distinctive, with something new and useful to say? Think of the guy who sports the crazy hairstyle — you can spot his spiky red ‘do in any crowd. Personality is what makes humans tick. So make sure your personality — as well as your expertise — shines through in your content marketing strategy.

#2 Treat Every Connection as a First Date

In the world of inbound marketing, you need to attract prospective customers to you. It might have been love at first sight, but you still need to make the right impression on your first date. Connections are made for a reason, and a connection with no underlying cause will be short-lived. Make sure you make a true connection with your prospects — more than just a meaningless click of the mouse. Will you leave them with a good reason to remember you? Will they be interested in meeting again?

#3 Tell a Story

It takes time to build up brand equity. And we all know that time means money. You need to invest both time and resources to nurture your organisation. Think of this process as being like the beginning of a story which you will develop as you go along. Tell your story, which will have its own theme and a clear point to its audience. Let your story help build up your brand and create interest in your company. Place your story at the centre of your brand and your brand will end up at the centre of the story.

#4 Be Funny

Everyone likes to stumble across a reason to smile. Consider what makes you and the people around you laugh and think of what you could do to translate humour for a mass audience. Humour is the best way to make your content go viral. Give a subject a light-hearted spin or use an unexpected metaphor to convey a funny perspective.

Watch this video we’ve recently created when Henry VIII travel from the early modern to the modern era as he goes online to make the most of online marketing services.

Inbound Marketing: How to Rule Online (By Henry VIII)



#5 Don’t Stop Moving

Information passes through our fingertips at the speed of Google. Don’t get left behind. A stagnant business reflects a stagnant mind, so the key to success is to retain a competitive edge. Make sure you produce content continually on a daily or weekly basis. Constantly review your results in order to implement a continuous improvement cycle. Think of it as a content factory which needs to strive to increase its productivity.

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