The Great Social Customer Service Race [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Pete Winter

The Great Social Customer Service Race [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do big brands measure up on social media?

“The Great Social Customer Service Race” was created to evaluate how efficiently the nation’s top brands provide consumer support on Twitter. We wanted to learn what kinds of tweets received a response, and how quickly.

To conduct the race, four Software Advice employees used their personal Twitter accounts to send customer service tweets to 14 leading consumer brands in seven industries. Each company received one tweet per weekday for four consecutive weeks.

During the first and third weeks, our employee participants used the brand’s Twitter name with an @ symbol. Using the @ triggers a notification to the account owner that they’ve been mentioned in a tweet. In the second and fourth weeks of the race, only the brand name was used.

The questions fell into five categories:

  • Urgent, or I need help right this second
  • Positive (“thank you!”)
  • Negative
  • A question from their FAQ page
  • Technical, or needs more than one interaction to solve

The evaluations in the infographic are based on the time it took the brands to respond and the percent of total tweets that received a reply.

the great social media customer service racethe great social customer service race

About Our Guest Blogger, Ashley Verrill

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