Online Marketing: the Musical!
By Tomorrow People

Online Marketing: the Musical!

It’s here! The new musical you’ve all been waiting for. With plenty of great tips about online marketing, you simply must read about this spectacle…


Online Marketing The Musical


Tomorrow People copywriting intern and keen amateur showperson, Naomi Pelkiewicz, presents an all-singing, all-dancing duo: show business and the business of online marketing. ‘Two different worlds!’ you cry… But not so fast! The theatre can teach us a thing or two about delivering a great marketing performance online…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we have a New Production underway! We’re headed for the West End (hopefully with a Broadway transfer) so I thought I’d stop by to inform you of the musical genius that is:

Online Marketing: The Musical!

The show is filled with great ideas about online marketing and what you can learn about modern marketing techniques from a theatre production. So read on to learn more!


Before the Performance: Preparing Your Marketing Strategy

As a performer, you’d never go on stage unprepared. You would take time to learn your lines and cues, making sure you’re familiar with the set and all the technical aspects, working towards a refined and perfect performance.

This is the same in online marketing – don’t fly before you can jump! Prepare your strategy properly, ensuring your entire team knows back-to-front how you’re trying to sell your products. Without pre-planning, you’ll just get booed off stage and never be cast again.


Act 1: An Attractive Campaign

It’s the start of the show. The lights come up – all eyes are on you! When watching a musical, you don’t see the backstage production staff, for example, the make-up artist or set designer. You only see the carefully executed performance. Similarly, in your marketing campaign, you should only be able to see the excellent content. Ensure everything visible is highly professional, including all social media feeds.

This also relates to my next point – work as a team towards that great performance. For successful marketing, everyone needs to be involved to pull off a great campaign. This is similar at the theatre – everyone has put work into the show, not just the onstage performers!


Interval: Social Media Frenzy

So it’s the interval of the show, giving your audience free time to chat amongst themselves. Now, they’ll discuss everything, from that beautiful love song to the glittery costumes, analysing away as they sip their drinks.

Because of the nature of social media, your marketing campaign is going to be viewed and commented on by plenty of people. Make sure your company is fully immersed in social media and is ready to interact with your audience. Building great relationships with customers and other businesses through social media is vital in the world of online marketing. Blogging is a great way to stay interactive, and regular updates show your customers you care.


Act 2: Everyone Plays Their Part

As the stage lights brighten for Act 2, everyone is excited to see the story develop. A traditional musical usually has a large chorus with a few principal soloists. Similarly, your marketing campaign involves a team of people working together to promote your message, with key individuals spearheading efforts, such as sales staff or the community manager.

These soloists are vitally important for engaging your prospects. A principal in a musical has to entice and entertain the audience. Similarly, your sales team must be the key communicators with your potential customers, bringing lead nurturing into play.


After the Show: Creating an Impact

The bows are taken, the curtain falls and tonight’s performance is DONE! Everyone leaves happy, full of praise for an excellent show. The actors made an impact on the audience – so must your campaign.

In a musical, performers work on effectively telling a story. Similarly, your content must be engaging, honest and memorable.

Keep your content fresh, appealing and interesting, with great design to back up the copy. Just as a stage story develops and progresses throughout the show, make sure your content is regularly updated. But keep your message sure and strong throughout your campaign.


So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! That concludes tonight’s performance of Online Marketing: The Musical! Please download the soundtrack, buy the t-shirt and make sure you come again…

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