Best Ways To Build Online Word Of Mouth
By Alistair Norman

Best Ways To Build Online Word Of Mouth

Online word of mouth is integral to any business’ success in the marketplace – it’s time to discover how to maximise yours…

Best Ways To Build Online Word Of Mouth

Go Mobile


The number of people with smartphones


The number this is predicted to swell to by 2015


The number of people who carry out local net-based searches on a business who then go on to buy from that company within an hour

Tip: Ensure that your digital content is viewable and scaleable on mobile devices – or you risk alienating customers…


Online Reviews

Online reviews are becoming more vital to a business’ success:

49% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend…

… with 97% also reading a businesses response to a review


80% of customers will go elsewhere if they read a bad review

The stakes are high but the upside huge – for instance, companies who garner a one-star increase on Yelp will see a 5-9% increase in revenue…


Tip: First of all, make sure your product is high quality but reasonably priced and that you have a great customer service department in place. Then:

… create a profile on the most popular review sites such as Google, Urbanspoon, etc. and include links to them on your website so it’s easy for consumers to leave feedback.

… ask customers if they are happy with the service they received; if so, suggest that they post a review.

… thank your customer for their business via email and suggest places they can leave a review.

… spread goodwill by giving discounts to the customers who leave positive reviews.


Special Offers

A simple but effective method of acquiring online word of mouth is to flag up discounts and special offers only available on your website or social media channels.


of consumers tell friends if they land a great deal…


Social Media

Engage with customers through social media. Remember:

  • 74% of customers communicate with businesses over social media
  • 62% of Fortune 500 companies have a Twitter Feed.

Tips: Ensure that you:

  • Keep your social media updates, well, up-to-date! Or else your attempts will look half-hearted.
  • Drive traffic to your social media through exclusive special offers and discounts; they’re the kind of updates that customers will ‘Share’.
  • Post timely, if possible funny and engaging content; again the kind of content that will be ‘Shared’ by customers and could form the basis of a successful viral marketing campaign.
  • React promptly to any negative feedback on your social media channels; it will show you care and are on the ball – and if handled right, can lead to increased positive online word of mouth.



  • Make sure your online presence is mobile-friendly
  • Embrace the power of online reviews; don’t shy away from them
  • Offer online-only discounts to draw customers to your website and social media channels
  • Exploit social media to engage with consumers.

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