6 Marketing Texts That Get Results [Slideshare]
By Alistair Norman

6 Marketing Texts That Get Results [Slideshare]

6 marketing texts that get results

Check out these six great examples of marketing texts to improve your SMS marketing strategy.



According to research, approximately 90% of marketing texts still get opened. By being personalised, but not intrusive, your text message marketing can lead to great results. Here are some good examples.


1. The Useful Text Message

One of the most important things you can do is to make sure your marketing texts are useful. People don’t want to receive useless messages, but if you offer them something of value such as a discount or a free offer, they will appreciate it. By researching your audience and targeting your text, you can send each individual a message that is relevant and useful for them, making your texts helpful and interesting instead of just spam.


2. The “Limited Time” Text Message

Send out special, time limited offers such as “Get 50% off your next visit – claim within the next 24 hours.” . It will give your customers a feeling of urgency and inspire them to take action. Give them a deadline and it will make them feel like they should act now, so that they don’t miss out on the discount or special product you are offering.


3. The “Short and Sweet” Text Message

You only have a few seconds to catch your customers’ attention. Get to the most important point of the message as soon as possible, without waffling or using unnecessary words. For example, “Spring sale ends Friday, don’t miss these deals!*


4. The Strong Call to Action Text Message

Ensure the action you want your customers to take is clearly outlined in the text message in order to achieve better results. For example, add a link to your website to drive clicks from smartphones.  


5. The Succinct Text Message

Avoid overused marketing hype words like “amazing” and “revolutionary”. Your customers will roll their eyes and delete your message if they spot these insincere attempts to impress. If your message contains any of these cliché words, think about rewriting it.


6. The Text Message That Identifies Your Brand

Many brands make the mistake of sending a text message without identifying who they are! These are certain to be deleted, so make sure that you clearly state your brand within the “ sent from name” field.


Takeaways for your SMS marketing strategy

  • Use your data lists to segment your target audience and get your timing right.
  • Offer your customers something useful.
  • Write text messages with urgency and a call to action with a deadline.
  • Offer an option to stop messages.

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