We Love: 10 Digital Marketing Influencers
By Pete Winter

We Love: 10 Digital Marketing Influencers

In spirit of St Valentine’s Day, we’re spreading the love and sharing with you our favourite influencers from the worlds of social media, SEO, content and anything else digital marketing. 

We Love  10 Digital Marketing Influencers

Valentine’s day only comes around once a year, and it’s the ultimate excuse to unleash your inner cheesiness and just let love rule. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. The fantastic people below are our absolute favourite digital marketing influencers, and it’s only right we let everyone know, as – how does that phrase go again? If you love someone, tell them.


Lilach Bullock

Lilach is a social media guru, shaman, phenomenon – take your pick! Co-founder of Comms Axis, her tweets keep you updated on all the latest social media and digital trends, and she loves a chat on Twitter. Did we mention she is a Forbes social media power influencer? If that’s not enough to hit the follow button then just check out her social proof.


Ann Handley

Ann is Head of Content at Marketingprofs and a best selling author, with her new book Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content becoming a Wall Street Journal bestseller. A veteran of content marketing, a pioneer in digital, and star of the perfectly executed #FlatHandley campaign, Ann is definitely someone to follow and admire.


Doug Kessler

Doug is ultimately the rockstar of B2B marketing. Creative Director and Co-founder of Velocity, Doug keeps his communities entertained with content such as the notorious Slideshare; Crap: The Content Marketing Deluge. Anybody brave enough to use swear words in content will definitely win us over.


Joe Chernov

VP of Content at Hubspot. Need we say anymore? Hubspot has 3 blogs, with consistently engaging content, and a social media profile to match – Joe knows his stuff! Aside from Hubspot activities, Joe writes for Mashable and the Content Marketing Institute. We suggest you go and follow him now and bask in his greatness like we do.


Simon Penson

Simon is another UK digital hero, offering the world his expertise on popular inbound marketing blog Moz, and running Zazzle Media. A data whiz with a journalism background, Simon gets our juices going when it comes to his all encompassing content strategies. P.S We’d love to interview you. (Too forward?)


Sean Gardner

Also known as 2morrow Knight, Sean is literally every cool thing under the sun – entrepreneur, best-selling author, keynote speaker, Huffington Post contributor. It probably comes as no surprise that he was voted Forbes #1 social media power influencer in 2013. We love his inspirational business tweets that keep us in check Monday to Friday. He’s our rock.


Jeff Bullas

Jeff is quite possibly the Daddy of social media marketing. His book,“Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” literally spells out for you what to write about, and spills all the beans on how to get your blog to that prime spot on Google. He’s also super generous and shares his favourite social tools regularly. We love generosity.


Gary Vaynerchuck

Endearing, dynamic, eccentric and definitely not camera shy- Gary Vee never fails to lighten up our computer screens with his videos. You can find a piece of content to suit anybody on his website. Sports fan? Check out his Super Bowl video. Non profit organisation? See how you could be making more money. About to go into a meeting? Gary has easy to digest, 2 minute reads that are totally worth it. Thanks for everything Gary.


Joe Pulizzi

When somebody entitles their book Epic Content Marketing, you know the author is going to be nothing short of awesome, and this is proven with the fact it’s a #1 Marketing Best-Seller on Amazon. Joe is founder of the Content Marketing Institute, which, if you didn’t know because you’ve been living under a rock, includes the world’s largest marketing event; Content Marketing World (of which 2015 registrations are now open!)


Jay Baer

We love Jay as he’s helping to revive podcasts for the marketing world, which is sweet, sweet audio to our ears. It’s also probably, maybe, most likely worth mentioning that he’s an incredibly popular keynote speaker and shares his prowess with the world in a fabulous fashion. Want to see him in action? He’ll be at Social Media Marketing World doing his thing!

So we’ve shared the love and revealed our biggest digital crushes – who are your favourite influencers?

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