10 Tools We Love at the Moment
By Pete Winter

10 Tools We Love at the Moment

Check out 10 tools that make life easier for our digital marketing agency.


There is so much marketing technology out there in 2015 that it can be difficult to find the apps, websites and tools to help you work more efficiently. From marketing automation to social listening, we’ve decided to share the 10 tools our agency uses all the time for various marketing activities and exactly why we love them.



1. Oktopost is a social media management software that allows us to:

  • Schedule and publish social messages.
  • Interact with various audiences.
  • Track the success of our social posts.

Publishing and scheduling through Oktopost is very easy, whether it is a one-off post or an entire campaign. Also, Oktopost lets us differentiate between clicks and conversions at the social media post level which we like A LOT! Bonus point? It comes with a very nice price tag.



2. Talkwalker empowers us to do some serious social listening and monitoring. Its reporting is impressive due to the high value insights it delivers time and time again. Also, the interface is incredibly easy to navigate and the learning curve is very small. We are not the only ones who are impressed by this social monitoring tool; Talkwalker ranks among the top 5 online reputation management tools. Nuff said!



3. HubSpot – hands down a golden oldie for us. HubSpot is a marketing automation tool that helps us attract visitors to our website, convert them into leads and ultimately into customers. We use it everyday to manage and monitor our inbound activities. We love HubSpot’s sleek dashboard – it gives us a summary of every key metric, such as leads, traffic and landing page activity.



4. Adobe Creative Cloud – we employ it for everything we do in design! We use all the programs that are part of Adobe Creative Cloud, interlinked with each other as each one brings its own specialism to every design. Illustrator for icons, Photoshop for images and InDesign for layouts.



5. Teamwork ensures that we are a bunch of organised people. With this project management tool we know what we have to do and when it must be done by. Teamwork’s email integration is one of our favorite features – it allows our communications within the application to occur simultaneously via email. Not only can we communicate through email, but we can also create tasks through email too. It’s the best project management tool we have tried and we have a feeling we will stick with it for a while.



6. Muzli Chrome plugin – we use this mainly for inspiration purposes. When opening a new tab, instead of showing us a list of our most visited websites, it pulls together a feed of design inspiration. Our designers find it quite addictive. Is that a good thing? Is that a bad thing? We’re not too sure yet.



7. Uberflip is a content marketing platform that helps us create a “best answer” hub for various topics. It allows us to centralise and organise our content in a way that entices our readers. No coding is required. If you haven’t used Uberflip, you have not lived. I repeat, you have not lived.



8. BuzzSumo is a tool we have had the pleasure of using for quite a while now. It’s great for generating ideas, finding content that has proven successful and for finding influencers who have shared that content. With the help we get from BuzzSumo we can do more of what works. We are big fans of its simplicity, accuracy and speed.



9. Searchmetrics provides fast, up to date SEO and content marketing analysis. It delivers its results by collecting data from Google, 3rd party social sites, as well as from their own internal database. Searchmetrics is well known for helping organisations create strategic, and effective digital marketing strategies incorporating content and inbound marketing, social media and SEO. We love it because it gives us great visibility on our search performance and reveals new content creation opportunities.



10. Serpfox is described as “simple, powerful and automated search engine position tracking”. We can confirm that it does what it says on the tin. It helps us track rankings easily and it displays data clearly in visual line graphs.


In this list, we’ve mixed tools for various purposes and budgets. While some represent a significant investment, most of them include a free trial so feel free to check them out and see for yourself what a difference these tools can make to your marketing activities.

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