New Ecommerce Site Gives Badge-making Business Added Flair
By Pete Winter

New Ecommerce Site Gives Badge-making Business Added Flair

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Digital marketing agency Tomorrow People is applying the power of online marketing to help a great British business stay ahead in challenging times.

As the UK’s largest manufacturer of badges, Badges Plus has helped to badge up schools, charities, trade unions, businesses and other organisations for more than 30 years.Now the company is taking a step forward in its expansion, with design and marketing expertise from Birmingham-based consultancy Tomorrow People.

Tomorrow People is currently running a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign that has already helped to turn the company into a global business. Since the campaign started, Badges Plus has shipped over £50,000 of badges to destinations outside of the UK in just one quarter!

Now Tomorrow People are aiming to boost the company’s sales even further, with a website tailored around a customer-base that spans trade unions, charities and the public sector.

The new site will combine two websites – the main website will promote Badges Plus to organisations across the UK while a bespoke ecommerce site will allow customers to buy from their standard range of badges and lanyards.

The new site will also make it easier for third sector and public sector organisations to get the badges they need when they need them, using the ‘buy now’ ecommerce area.

Schools get special attention in the new site, in a dedicated section that lets them order from the company’s full range of badges and medals. The new site even allows teachers and others to order personalised badges for their school and see what they will look like before ordering!

Customers can sign up to updates through the website using Tomorrow People’s email marketing tool, Mail Send. Badges Plus can then keep in touch with their customers through targeted email marketing campaigns tailored around industry, location or other criteria. The company can then see who is responding to their updates, with ongoing monitoring through Google Analytics.

Tomorrow People has designed the website to grow with the business. It has been set up with a bespoke Content Management System that lets Badges Plus edit text on every page and manage the main and schools product areas. The company can also change pricing information to suit their marketing strategy.

Robert James, Associated Director at Badges Plus commented:
“The expert help we’re getting from Tomorrow People has already seen us benefit from an increase in sales of 15%. The new ecommerce site is an essential part of our plan for the future development of our business.”

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