Website Puts International Supplier in the hands of its customers
By Pete Winter

Website Puts International Supplier in the hands of its customers


Digital marketing agency Tomorrow People has created a dedicated stock micro-site to get a major supplier even closer to its customers.

The new micro-site is part of Tomorrow People’s ongoing work with internationally recognised screw and fastener manufacturer and distributor, Non Standard Socket Screws. Tomorrow People have created the site as part of the company’s main website to allow businesses to check stock availability and order products quickly and easily. With companies across five continents relying on the company’s products, the new micro-site is an important step forward. Customers now have seamless access to stock information for over 20,000 products – giving Non Standard Socket Screws a fast sales boost.

Tomorrow People tailored the micro-site around the exact needs of Non Standard Socket Screws and its client-base. Now potential customers can easily check the range of products and levels of stock available because the micro-site is cleverly integrated with Non Standard Socket Screws internal stock system. Customers can also find what they’re looking for more easily thanks to a menu system which features relevant thumbnail images of each of the main product categories and a navigation menu that automatically expands and shrinks depending on the category they want to look at. Visitors can also find products using a search function which gives them product details and stock levels. Once the potential customer has reached their desired stock page they can view full details of the product, including lengths or thread types, quantity in stock – and even view or download a technical drawing of the product.

Non Standard Socket Screws have been supplying high quality fasteners and screws to sectors such as construction, waste and engineering since 1971. Today, with more than 20,000 products available and customers in locations as varied as India, Australia and Canada, the new micro-site is set to take the company’s development another step forward. The stock site is the next stage in the website development that Tomorrow People created for NSSS at the end of 2009. The project also included the filming and creation of two promotional videos and an HTML website and printed product catalogue.

Melvin White, Marketing Director at Non Standard Socket Screws commented:

“Tomorrow People have created a stock system which is perfectly designed for our future business development. The new system is an integral part of promoting our company and our products and will help us see an increase in orders and sales”.

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