Make It Happen website is the business for graduates
By Pete Winter

Make It Happen website is the business for graduates

Make It Happen

Tomorrow People, inbound marketing consultants have created an interactive online resource that is helping aspiring student entrepreneurs to make the leap into running a business.

The brief

The National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship commissioned Tomorrow People to create a website to inspire graduates to set up their own businesses.

The results
Tomorrow People created a new web portal to offer interactive, structured resources to help entrepreneurial graduates turn their dream of running an innovative idea into
a thriving business.

Personalised content: The core of the site is a resource section, ‘My Virtual Day’, which links the video content on the site with the individual user’s goals and the strategy they need to get them there. Users can keep track of their ideas as they go along and refer back to them at any time by using a live ‘notepad’.

Versatile online resources: Graduates can keep track of their developing business ideas with a save function that allows them to return to the website and pick up exactly where they left off. They can continue watching the main video and view links, inspiration videos, notes and the progress of their own strategy at the same point as their last visit to the site.

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