Tomorrow People posted a link - Like or comment?
By Pete Winter

Tomorrow People posted a link – Like or comment?

social-media-marketingFacebook as a business tool.

Facebook is the… slightly less refined older brother of twitter. They share a few of the same ideas, but with Facebook you can delve deeper into the conversation with your contemporaries and clients. Here are some tips for using it as a business tool:

1. Updates are bigger. (At least compared to Twitter.) With Facebook you can post significantly longer updates than the 140-character limit of Twitter. While the messages wont be as succinct and catchy as shorter ones, more information can be given without needing to click through a link to get the whole story.

2. New apps and tools are being developed all the time. Features such as questions allow you to ask a question to all of your friends, and are completely customisable. Whether you want to find out what your site is lacking or simply what device most of your fanbase use, questions are quick and easy, without the hassles of organising a survey in person. Take a look at Tomorrow People Inbound Marketing Consultancy Facebook page.

3. Likes and comments are where the conversation starts with Facebook. A simple idea, if someone likes your post for whatever reason, it will show up in their friend’s feed – and show their interest. Comments allow for rapid responses to questions or ideas you may have, and will allow you to shape your progress or business model accordingly.

4. Noticed one person in particular seems to love all your content? Why not continue the conversation in private, through chat or direct messages? These are even less limited than the already generous news feed, and allow you to start building more personal relationships with people easily. (Plus, messages are exciting – show me someone who doesn’t get a little pang of excitement when they see the little red notification icon, and I’ll show you a liar.)

5. While even less customisable than twitter, Facebook allows you to do a lot more with regard to your image/online persona. Pictures are easy to upload, and display proudly on your profile – so make them good. Pick whatever you like, but I highly recommend some more personal pictures – not your boss passed out after the Christmas party, I might add – but perhaps a view of your office, or a happy client shaking hands with your top sales guy. The personal touch can go a long way, removing the anonymity of your company, and making people feel more comfortable interacting with you.

The question is – Why look for new clients when they can find you instead? This is the end of the high costs and low returns of traditional marketing. A new way of reaching customers allows you to spend less. The new approach to Inbound Marketing sums it all. 

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