Marketing Has Changed - Part 3 - Seed and Grow
By Pete Winter

Marketing Has Changed – Part 3 – Seed and Grow

Social Research Listen To The Demand

seed and grow with inbound marketingResearch is still as important as ever. But now it’s much easier to do. You no longer need to plan and execute surveys or events. One of the benefits of digital marketing is that you can simply monitor the conversation. Using clients for Twitter, Facebook forums or your own Q&A/FAQ section on your site, you can gain real-time results and at a far lower cost than that of traditional surveys.

This is a well known concept. The costs involved with using this business strategy, while not non-existent, are certainly far lower than traditional methods. You no longer need multiple departments – making it cheaper. You no longer need to create huge advertising campaigns for minimal returns – making it cheaper. In addition, the tools you need to monitor conversations are free.

Improve and Repeat

The key is keep repeating the steps. As with any business strategy, learn from the successes and take note from those that didn’t go as well. Identify the areas or articles that perhaps let your campaign down, identify any weak areas and keep track of those that exceeded your expectations. Focus on evolving by growing your content and ensure that it reaches leads and potential customers as soon as possible. Keep the steps up, so that returning visitors don’t lose interest and new visitors can see the best of what you have to offer.

Seed and grow

Monitor the conversations and lead results as your campaign happens in order to reduce the risk of spending money on a venture that’s not working. Use the time and money you save to generate content, presence, and reputation. Become a respected thought leader and the number one source for people interested in your area.

People are the best source of information and, being people, they like to share the information they have – making them essentially independent, autonomous, and unpaid marketing agencies.

All you need to do is to plant those first ideas.

Find out how and what you can do to stay ahead.



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