Get Found For Free, Using Google Maps
By Pete Winter

Get Found For Free, Using Google Maps

seo with inbound marketingGoogle maps is one of the greatest side projects that has emerged over the past few years, and is used by almost anyone needing to get anywhere at any time of the day. With the advent of smartphones, it’s accessible by thousands on the go, and is a prime mobile marketing platform for advertising your business. And the best thing is, fitting with the social media marketing mind-set; it’s free.

With a listing on the map, your business will be searchable on another section of the search engine, and will also show up when a ‘nearby’ search is performed – not only will it show that you exist, but will give directions to reach you – perfect for lead generation, (people wanting a business nearby) or lead nurturing (leads can find you easily, and make contact however they want). How cool is that?

There are only a few pieces of information you need to set it up, and the application process takes seconds – hardly a drain on your resources. All you need is a Google account and basic business information – information that any company, from the biggest digital marketing agency to the smallest start up, will know by heart. Think of what you would put in a phone book or the like; your name, contact number and address are the first things, but also a picture or logo to go with it. (If you’ve got any advertising copy to hand, you can most likely copy it in). As well as this basic info, you can add more media (photos or videos) as well as a more detailed summary of your operations (Such as payment options). This is especially useful if you have graphic design or video and animation skills – why not show some examples off?

Once you’ve got all that information to hand, head on over to the Google Local page, click on ‘put your business on Google maps’, and follow the instructions. You’ll need to enter in some information to verify that you’re not already there – if you are, great! If not, just fill in the info. It’s that simple. You can specify opening hours if you’re all about lead generation via just dropping in, or leave it if you prefer to communicate via email or telephone.

Once you click ‘submit’, it’s done. Google will want to check via phone or post that you are who you say you are, but aside from that, it’s all go – within a few weeks, your business be proudly displayed upon a brand new platform, with all your contact details and directions to get in touch. You can now leave it alone to do its thing, or use it in any way you see fit on your site.

Pretty cool, huh?

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