20 Ways to Generate Leads from Inbound Marketing (Part 1)
By Pete Winter

20 Ways to Generate Leads from Inbound Marketing (Part 1)

20 Ways to Generate Leads from Inbound MarketingLeads. They’re the lifeblood of every business. But wouldn’t it be great if it you could create more of them in less time – with less effort? Inbound marketing gives you a powerful way to do just that. Take a look at our 20 tips on applying inbound marketing approaches to generate more leads – and revenue – for your business.

1) Find the big idea – and use it to sell

At the heart of everything you do is your brand’s message or idea. While this is something you shouldn’t push too hard, ensure that what you write and provide is relevant. Focus on a core message or idea with which your target market can connect, in your blog, on social media platforms and elsewhere. Keep thinking about the use your content could be be put to. Ask yourself what can be taken from it that will translate successfully into potential leads. Grab attention, and focus it as best you can.

2) Keep content king

It’s true. Your content really is king when it comes to generating leads. It’s role is to engage interest – and it forms the core of your inbound marketing strategy. Ask yourself questions like – what makes me stand out in my industry? What benefits do I provide that means people will choose to visit my website, even if another site has similar information? But the content conquest goes a great deal further than this. Your content is your hook, going out on all the different social media channels and creating compelling conversations with your potential customers. So it needs to be powerful, relevant and very, very engaging. One size doesn’t fit all, so you should think about creating different versions to suit different formats and audiences.

3) Create a conversation with social media

Did you know that by 2014, social networking services will replace email as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20% of business users? (Source: Gartner, Inc). Social media is fast becoming the first place customers connect with your product or service. So a consistent, clear conversation with the people that link with you is much more likely to transform them into customers when they’re ready to buy. If you still think social media isn’t relevant to your business, you might be interested to know that social media was the leading emerging channel for lead generation in 2010 (Source: Hubspot Marketing).

4) Interact, interact, interact

Generating leads through inbound marketing is all about interaction. So make the most of feedback! Whether that feedback is good or bad, make sure you interact with it! Stay up to date with comments and queries and respond to them. This is all part of the conversation that inbound marketing allows you to create with your potential customers. Don’t be afraid of negative feedback, either. That person has taken the time and trouble to share their views. It’s important to react and respond. With all feedback, whether it’s on your blog, your Twitter feed or on email, it’s important to show that you’ve taken it on board. Ask people questions and give them space and opportunity to comment. This consistent interaction helps to create the potential for new conversations and new leads.

5) Remember, this time (and every time) it’s personal

The crucial conversation that creates leads doesn’t end after the first stage. In other words, it’s not something you can start and then forget about. Every stage should be personal – from first purchase to final agreement and beyond. That extends to every kind of communication. Don’t create a powerful online presence at the start – only to deter your customer with automated, impersonal communications once you’ve won them over.

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