5 Pitfalls of Redesigning Your Website - Part 1
By Pete Winter

5 Pitfalls of Redesigning Your Website – Part 1

generate leads with inbound marketingMaking mistake number three? Or could it be number four – or five?

Businesses make five common mistakes when they’re redesigning or updating their websites.

Each one can reduce the number of leads and the level of revenue your website generates for you.

Which mistake are you about to make?

It tells you about:

  • The five mistakes businesses make when redesigning or repositioning their website – and how to avoid them
  • The important areas that go into making your website a lead-creating machine – and which often go overlooked
  • The important things to consider before you start updating your website
  • The things you can do now to make your website more effective in winning new business

Website redesign: big risk or bigger opportunity?

Redesigning and repositioning your company’s website to strengthen your inbound marketing campaign is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. It can prove a very rewarding – and productive – process, but it also holds many potential risks for your business.

Rush quickly into a decision or push on with progress and you could end up with an updated, but ineffective website. Take a well considered approach and you can maximise your website’s impact on your company’s bottom line.

The internet is big business and the company website can prove a powerful part of an effective inbound marketing approach. Despite this, many companies still fail in their website redesign – all because they overlook the pitfalls that can lead to a site that actively stops them generating leads and new sales.

Learn to avoid the five common mistakes


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