How to Get Discovered on The Internet (Part 2)
By Pete Winter

How to Get Discovered on The Internet (Part 2)

new marketing methodWhat’s the big advantage of Inbound Marketing?

First, let’s start with what inbound marketing is:

Inbound marketing is a way of gaining online presence and profile through a passive or ‘pull’ approach. It builds on and exceeds the benefits of the traditional outbound ‘push’ approach.

So, instead of actively seeking out leads, paying for ads or other activities, and waiting until the marketing budget is covered before making any returns, you follow a consistent, repeatable strategy.

Next, lets look at what inbound marketing can do

On average, inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing.

What inbound marketing does is enable you to generate leads by reaching an audience that already exists for your product or service – instead of working hard to create fresh demand from scratch.

In other words, instead of putting all your effort and money into selling and ‘pushing’ your product, you put it into making your product as great as it can be. You then use your skill and knowledge in your industry to build up as wide an audience as possible. When people want what you sell, they’ll know you as a friendly, knowledgeable business and will come to you first.

Finally, let’s see what you can achieve with inbound marketing.

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What’s the key to achieving great things with inbound marketing?


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