How to Get Discovered on The Internet (Part 3)
By Pete Winter

How to Get Discovered on The Internet (Part 3)

How to get discovered on the internetHow to get found for free – instead of forgotten – on the internet

Search engines are one of the core concepts of digital marketing. With just a little knowledge, it’s possible to adapt your business strategy to take full advantage. See the dynamic from your customer’s point of view. If you were looking for a specific product or service, where would you begin your search? Like many people you would start on your computer or mobile phone, using a search engine like Google. Your potential clients are out there right now looking for what you’ve got to offer.

It’s not just about Google

Whilst Google is unarguably the most dominant search engine right now, there are other important ones out there, like Yahoo and Bing. Think plurally when it comes to your search engine strategy. Your business needs to listed on as many search engines as possible.

How to avoid website arachnophobia

Most search engines use automated software or ‘spiders’, to search the web. These literally ‘spider through’ or inspect every link on every site. Their job is to find out where the links go, how many there are, and how many are leading to the site. To summarise: if your site is well connected, it will be well ranked and if it is well ranked, it will be well visited. And the more visits you get, the more business you get too.

Using search engines to your advantage

Getting listed is only the beginning

Search engines can be a useful start in gaining rankings to bring in more business. But you can power up your rankings even more. This will enable you to optimise the results shown for your website on the various search engines. It’s what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about.

You can sum up SEO as the strategy of optimising your content so that it is picked up quickly by the search engines, and ranked well in the list of results that your potential customers find when they do a search. The growth of digital marketing means that gaining the top spots on the search engines is getting a little more challenging. But the secret to success is to apply a little careful thought.

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But how do you ensure that you get found for free on the internet – instead of being forgotten at a potentially high cost to your business or brand?


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