Inbound Marketing Approach
By Pete Winter

Inbound Marketing Approach

inbound marketing process cycleInbound vs Outbound

Once upon a time, marketing to consumers was a bit of a struggle.

Marketing companies had to use every tool at their disposal to try and grab the attention of an audience that was at best indifferent, and at worst, hostile.

So they would spread a wide net with print ads, TV commercials, cold calls, mass emailing and direct mail, all in the hope that at least some of the people exposed to the message would be interested.

That was outbound marketing.

Long-term market development

Inbound marketing is not a short-term fad; it’s an innovative long-term business strategy.

Take the time to understand what interests your audience, and develop an inbound marketing strategy to build your presence, enhance your credibility and ensure that your brand is front-of-mind when a prospect is about to make the all-important decision to buy. Keep the results of your strategies right at the front of your mind. Because this approach means you benefit from total transparency on what it can achieve for you.

Total transparency

Instead, unlike some other marketing agencies, this technology give you full insight into the whole process, measuring your reach and brand exposure, and monitoring the amount of leads and sales generated in total transparency.

Build Communities

Social media marketing is all about community. But what makes a community?

Our earliest ancestors used to gather around the campfire, then later on the village well was the hub of communication.

Today, online platforms like FourSquare, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are allowing sharing of articles and building communities faster than any real-life equivalent.

What’s on the inside is what counts

Your most exciting source of capital is hidden away in your customers, your employees and your own heads.

You all hold valuable information and insight with the potential to boost business.

Get personal

If your business were a person, what kind of a person would it be?

Friendly and family-oriented or efficient and business-like? High-rolling socialite or cheap and cheerful?

Whatever your brand image is, this digital marketing approach builds and conveys it online, getting you known by the right people in the right places.

Ingeniously simple approach

Simple steps (and simple language!) are used to build an effective digital marketing plan that brings you measurable marketing success, and can be applied again and again across your organisation.

Time to value

You know how it ends; so we’ll cut to the chase instead. You’ll find that inbound marketing approach to bringing digital marketing benefits to your door is just as ruthlessly efficient.

We give ourselves 30 days to upgrade your Internet presence to an inbound marketing machine, and in less than 90 days we’ll deliver concrete results in the form of figures.

Keep them keen

With such a spread of choice on the Internet, it’s a wonder customers ever come back to the same website twice.

In a world where they can have their pick of any business, it’s our job to make sure they fall head over heels for yours.

Cash is King

Is the monarchy dead? Not while King Cash rules the roost.

Beautiful graphic design, interesting articles and great e-commerce results are great, but you can’t help but bow to the figures, which is why we measure our success in the universal language of revenue.

Get more leads for less spend

The much-underrated art of getting more for less now gets a chance to flourish. And inbound marketing is one of its greatest masterpieces, costing you an average 60% less per acquisition than any other channel.

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