8 Revenue Performance Management Essentials (Part 1)
By Pete Winter

8 Revenue Performance Management Essentials (Part 1)

transparent focusRevenue performance management: the backbone of business success.

Many companies are still missing out on revenue and new leads because they’re not applying some revenue performance management essentials.

In our new eGuide: Eight Revenue Performance Management Essentials No Small Business Should Ignore, we outline eight important factors companies need to conisider to make their marketing more effective.

In the eGuide, we outline the main approaches you need to take to grow leads and revenue, including:

  • The key aspects you need to consider when planning your business growth strategy
  • The marketing platforms and approaches you shouldn’t ignore
  • Why transparency is essential in overtaking your competitors
  • How to start planning for success through analysis
  • Why nurturing your customers matters – and what you can do to make it more profitable

Every business in every sector wants to enjoy, long-term, consistent growth. But without effective revenue performance management, this goal often remains just a goal. The concept of revenue performance management centres on several core elements that focus on leading measures that identify how revenue will perform. These include:

  • Reach awareness
  • Visitors
  • Sales leads
  • Qualified opportunities

Revenue performance management also measures the conversion ratios for all of the above areas – and show that the more there is in one end, the better performance on the other end. But you only achieve this by maintaining full visibility and accountability to these leading measures. Inbound marketing methods can bring all these important aspects together in one.

Harnessing these strategies effectively gives you greater exposure to a wider base of potential customers, increasing business volume and, ultimately, expanding revenue streams.

How to make revenue performance management work in business

By drawing on specific, proven techniques you can achieve better results in each of the areas of revenue performance management – and ultimately enjoy more leads and more business. These techniques include:

  • Effective use of the Internet
  • Social media and e-commerce platforms
  • Increasing visibility in lead generation channels
  • Knowing the strengths and limitations of competitors
  • Defining the niche appeal of the small business
  • Delivering promotional messages in effective formats
  • Nurturing existing client relationships while building new ones

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