Driving BP Castrol forward with compelling content strategy and thought leadership
By Pete Winter

Driving BP Castrol forward with compelling content strategy and thought leadership

By developing strong messaging and assets, Tomorrow People helps Castrol communicate its commitment to high performance and technological innovation.

Thought leadership that stands out

As a truly global lubricant brand, Castrol is regarded as a key player in the market and has a reputation to uphold. In an age when every brand is ‘doing’ thought leadership, our challenge was to put Castrol in a league of its own.

Industrial Insights was born, a monthly interactive magazine covering the latest innovations in lubrication technology, up-to-date research, and people-focused features. In addition to this, we developed a series of topical white papers on carbon-neutrality and the international climate agreements, tailored for the key markets of North America, China, and Europe.

Engaging storytelling through video

Video provides the ideal medium to highlight the many people and stories that make the Castrol brand what it is. We worked with their network of branded workshops to produce a series of video case studies across Europe, spotlighting local businesses and their partnership with Castrol.


The global team of highly expert colleagues, one of the company’s key assets, is showcased in a regular series of Employee Spotlight videos. Not only do these engage customers by showing a personal side to the business, they also work as a great boost for internal engagement and morale.

Strategy, positioning, and content

Projects have included product-focused content to support specific lubricants like XBB and XBC, to broader positioning, copy, and design including the development of the Industrial website.


We often work with Castrol to develop a strategy and set of content around their offering in a key area of innovation, be that wind energy, electric vehicles, or robotics. In addition to traditional white papers, engaging formats chosen include efficiency calculators and interactive diagrams.

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