Breathe New Life into Your Video Explainers
By Pete Winter

Breathe New Life into Your Video Explainers



Operating in 15 countries, and serving more than 40,000 customers across Europe, you could say that NFON has already achieved a fair measure of success and brand recognition.

Why settle for yesterday’s accolades?

Boasting a company culture that embraces technology, along with leaders who are always looking forward, NFON asked the Tomorrow People team to develop a number of short videos to showcase some of their most compelling products.

Harness the Light-bulb Moment

Scripting ideas for motion video can open up a number of interesting visual approaches, but Tomorrow People Managing Director, Steph Walls saw an opportunity to leverage animated illustrations early on in the process.

Set the Stage to Draw Viewers In

Once the script was written and approved, Steph and the Tomorrow People creative team began assembling a series of illustrated storyboards designed to anchor viewers in various settings where NFON’s communication solutions excel.

Bring Those Scenes to Life

With the storyboard complete, the Tomorrow People team moved into production mode. As we managed the voice-over recording process, our video editors set to work, bringing the illustrated storyboard scenes to life.

Start Racking Up Views from Around the World

In the few short weeks since this Cloudya animated video explainer was posted online, it has garnered hundreds of organic views. What’s more, the Tomorrow People team has now produced translated versions of it in several other languages – including French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Polish.

“These animated Cloudya videos marked the start of a visual approach we wanted to implement for NFON products. Tomorrow People supported us by developing the creative concept we were looking for and delivered a distinct animation style to provide consistency across our product videos.

By producing localized versions in a number of European languages where NFON operates, we are also well positioned to break through regional barriers.”

Isabel Scheuring Pereira, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NFON


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