Defining Cegal’s new direction with a captivating brand positioning video
By Pete Winter

Defining Cegal’s new direction with a captivating brand positioning video

See how Tomorrow People created a short video that sets out Cegal’s exciting and ambitious plans for the future.

All change in energy

Few industries are evolving at a speed that comes close to the pace of change in the energy sector. A perfect storm of data opportunities and digitization on one side, and the need for sustainable operations on the other, is driving rapid transformation.

At the heart of this is Cegal, a trusted global digitalization partner headquartered in Norway. Cegal asked us to create a brand video that put the spotlight on their new Evolve, Create, Innovate methodology and how it is relevant to new verticals outside of the traditional Oil & Gas community.

TP - July showcase - Cegal animation blog-insert

Production and delivery

We wrote a short script that introduced the core components of Cegal; who they are, where they are based, and what they stand for. We deliberately used minimal copy to convey how they add value and deliver benefits through an innovative and progressive methodology that meets the demands of modern industries.

We then created a brandboard and developed imagery and video that captures the brand essence. Through powerful visualisations we brought the Cegal story to life, displaying value and relevance to an internal and external audience.

Forward-thinking and future-looking

The video is a glimpse into Cegal’s exciting future. It is less about where they come from, and more about where they are going. It builds a link between Cegal and future success for forward-thinking companies who understand that data and digitization will define tomorrow’s winners.

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