How committed are you to content marketing in 2018?
By Alistair Norman

How committed are you to content marketing in 2018?

Watch our latest webinar to discover the latest benchmarks, budgets and trends in content marketing.

40% of marketers surveyed said they’re doing a fair or poor job in content marketing. Are you one of them? If you are, your content strategy could face failure in the coming year. How can you turn things around? By defining appropriate goals, committing fully, and aligning your goals with the right metrics.


During our recent webinar, in collaboration with Stephanie Stahl — General Manager of CMI — we discussed some interesting trends, statistics, and budgets for content marketing in the year ahead. We explored why marketers are finding it hard to measure the ROI of their content and the steps they need to take to overcome these issues.

You can watch the webinar again below.

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