How committed marketers are getting real results in manufacturing using content marketing
By Alistair Norman

How committed marketers are getting real results in manufacturing using content marketing

Watch our latest webinar to discover how content marketing can help manufacturers generate leads and improve customer experience.

To stand out in the manufacturing industry, you need to raise awareness about your company’s products and services. But with your competitors making so much noise of their own, how can you cut across them, differentiate your brand, and attract those all important leads?

During our recent webinar, ‘How committed marketers are getting real results in manufacturing’, we revealed why you need to invest more time creating content strategies. Some of those reasons including widening your audience reach, generating more leads, and simplifying the ways you can show success.

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You may think it’s easier said than done, but our recorded webinar provides actionable advice that will help you to disrupt the market. Watch it now to discover how to build a successful strategy, how to differentiate from the competition, and how to demonstrate ROI.

Only 14% of of manufacturing marketers say they’re using content marketing successfully. Are you one of them? If you are, the key takeaways from our webinar will be able to help you improve your strategy, but you don’t need to stop there.

Dig a bit further into your existing content capabilities by completing our content capability audit. You’ll receive a personalized report that will show you how you can achieve a kick-ass content strategy that will wow your manufacturing customers.

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