How to Make Friends who Influence People [SlideShare]
By Pete Winter

How to Make Friends who Influence People [SlideShare]

Enhancing your content marketing strategy with influencer engagement


Influencer marketing is increasingly becoming a mainstay of the digital mix. Put simply, social media influencers are any group or individual that can potentially affect the purchase decisions of your customers and prospects, by driving brand awareness, encouraging consideration, or validating decision making through social media channels.

Developing ongoing relationships with social media influencers allows brands to reach new audiences, encourage customer advocacy and extend reach beyond their brand channels, driving social proof and increasing trust and transparency.


  • Identify – Invest time finding the right influencers for your brand
  • Initiate – Get to know your influencers and build persona profiles
  • Engage – Open a dialogue by engaging with influencers online
  • Create – Consider the needs of your influencer as well as your brand
  • Nurture – Continue to build influencer relationships beyond the campaign

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