How to run a successful B2B marketing brainstorm [SlideShare]
By Pete Winter

How to run a successful B2B marketing brainstorm [SlideShare]

B2B marketing brainstorms can boom or bust based on the quality of your preparation and how well you engage participants.


Ever been in a marketing brainstorm that just felt painful…? Bored participants. Vague brief. Rubbish ideas. Unclear outputs.

Done well, brainstorms can be a valuable source of ideas, inspiration and insights to inform your marketing campaigns and promotions. All too often, however, marketers are dragged into painful, unhelpful, sprawling idea generation sessions that lack focus and result in confusion and apathy. Usually, bad brainstorms are caused by lack of preparation

In this SlideShare, we look at three key factors to consider when running B2B marketing brainstorms to ensure you get the most out of them.

To run a successful brainstorms, marketers need to invest time in preparing three key elements:

  • Research – The quality of the data, information and insights brought to the session

  • Input – The people you involve in the session and how they prepare for it

  • Engagement – The levels of interaction and engagement from participants during the session


Effective B2B marketing brainstorm sessions invite input from everyone – creative or otherwise – to analyse data, share inspiration, and discuss ideas that can be expanded upon as the campaign plan takes shape. A well-rounded B2B marketing brainstorm session starts with data, building a conversation around performance trends and patterns to decipher the most effective messages, channels and tactics.

Involving the customer in your B2B marketing brainstorming process can add a huge amount of value – tapping into their knowledge and experience will help to generate new ideas and prioritise those your team has already identified. Remind brainstorm participants not to be too quick to dismiss ideas – your entire team needs to own the campaign strategy, and you can help foster that shared interest by allowing everyone their chance to provide input.

Remember – what you put in to a B2B marketing brainstorm defines what you get out of it.

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