Move your operation forward along the digital marketing maturity curve
By Pete Winter

Move your operation forward along the digital marketing maturity curve

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. The pace of change is relentless. Customer expectations seem to just grow and grow.

Challenges like these seem so ever-present, they become cliché after a while. But, there are actions marketing leaders can take to address them.

One practical way is to honestly assess where your organization is along the digital marketing maturity curve – then systematically improve your marketing capabilities so you can move forward.

Commit resources toward longer-term Go-to-Market plans

Why is charting progress across a maturity curve useful? Because to reach your goal, you must be honest about where you are – and realistic about the steps you must take to get there.

The truth is, too many brands lose traction somewhere around the “Organized & Improving” stage. Can that open a potential advantage for your brand?

To begin your own assessment, consider – for each level – some telling characteristics that marketing maturity curves may include.

Where is your team on the digital marketing maturity curve right now?

From the outset, recognize how difficult it is to achieve the topmost level of digital marketing maturity. Even if you do, it’s easy to get knocked backward when the landscape morphs again. But to be competitive, your team should work hard to unlock the Connected & Scaling level.

When you take a closer look at the capabilities required to get you there, you’ll see they are strongly digital in nature. So, it’s worth trying to master technical aspects within your marketing mix.


“The Dividends of Digital Marketing Maturity,” Dominic Field, Shilpa Patel, Henry Leon, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 2019

For marketers who can lead their teams to a higher level of digital marketing maturity, the rewards can be very worthwhile. “In our most recent research, companies that have achieved multi-moment maturity – the ability to deliver relevant content to consumers at multiple moments across the purchase journey – reported cost savings of up to 30% and revenue increases of as much as 20%.” –Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

So, if you choose to take on this challenge, work to understand where your marketing team is along the digital marketing maturity curve, understand what you must do to advance to the next stage, and take action!

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