My Personal MA Journey
By Pete Winter

My Personal MA Journey

From the current landscape to what the future holds, we have explored the impact of marketing automation on the CMO. However, it is clear that automation has implications for everyone in an organisation, whether you are a marketing executive, copywriter or digital designer. Take a look at the varying perspectives of marketing automation from the team at Tomorrow People and discover how to make your marketing more refined and agile:

Idea Generation – It’s a Lifestyle Choice

Holding the badge of “Creative” in the unforgiving, fast-paced agency environment demands an imaginative view on the world. Mental blocks will not be tolerated.

What’s the Marketing Value of Automated Copywriting?

As automated copy takes off, what do marketers stand to gain, or lose, from this emerging technology?

Time for a New (Automated) CMO?

How to be a CMO timelord – and why time is the most valuable commodity

The Definitive Guide to Automating Blogs

Blogs: they are difficult, time-consuming and very manual. So what’s the solution? Automating them of course!

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