The definitive guide to automating blogs
By Pete Winter

The definitive guide to automating blogs

Blogs: they are difficult, time-consuming and very manual. So what’s the solution? Automating them of course! This blog will show you how to master this and end all of your problems with blogs once and for all.

When we think of blogs we think: happiness. But as you become more familiar with blogs you realise they are not all a barrel of laughs.

So let’s break down the problems and figure out how to tackle these seemingly unsolvable issues.

1. They are difficult

I’m sure you’ve all noticed this problem, but how do you even begin to solve it. When the problem is too vague, such as this one, then you need to dig deeper. Think to yourself ‘why is automating blogs difficult?’.

Take my favourite inventor James Dyson. The conventional vacuum cleaner was poor perfoming. This in itself is too vague. To fix the issue you need to find the specific bottleneck and unbottle it. What was making the conventional vacuum cleaner poor perfoming? It lost suction. They realised this which helped them to invent the Dyson vacuum cleaner and the rest is history.

James Dyson would never have come up with the Dyson vacuum cleaner without analysing the problem. Sometimes you need to dig deeper into the problem to realise how to fix it. It may turn out that this problem is just a symptom of another problem, which in turn is a symptom of a deeper problem.

Which brings me on to a funny story…

2. They are time-consuming

I think it’s time I introduced you to my friend Tony. They used to waste hours every night because their blogs were too time-consuming. It was driving them mad. Once day they thought to themselves ‘Tony Harison, enough is enough. You’re over-eating, you’re drinking; you’ve even started smoking. This ends now’. And with that they came over to my house. ‘Tony Ed Harison. I haven’t seen you since we used to work together writing poetry back in Digbeth’. He explained his predicament and I gave him this advice: ‘You see, your blogs being time-consuming is just a symptom. The root of the problem is your blogs being very manual. Solve that and the whole issue dissapears’. They ensured me it was impossible and we said our goodbyes. Last I heard they were writing poetry again, which leads me to the moral of this story. Analysing the problem is only half the battle. Fixing these problems takes time and creative thinking, which some people are not willing or able to give. Make sure you’re prepared to put the effort in or you may not get anything back in return.

Still reading? Then let’s tackle the big issue…

3. They are very manual

So finally we come to this. The seemingly unsolvable problem. The ghost of blogs that will haunt afficionados until the end of their days. But this ghost can be busted with one genius solution. A blog automator. That’s right. A blog automator. Now, you may be thinking ‘Patrick, you’ve saved me hundreds of hours. How can I ever repay you?’. Well if you’re ever in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by at Fazeley Social and you can give me a smile. Because that’s all the thanks I need.


Maybe automating blogs wasn’t so difficult after all. Maybe the solution was staring you in the face all along. Maybe even this whole blog is automated. Maybe not. Who know’s.

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