The journey to high-performing B2B content [Infographic]
By Pete Winter

The journey to high-performing B2B content [Infographic]

Content lies at the heart of inbound B2B marketing, but how can you take an idea to a high-performing reality?

Simply producing a piece of content isn’t enough to attract your customers. High performing content must be the right topic for your target audience, taking them on a narrative journey that helps them to become aware of their business pains and how your products or services can help to resolve them.

High performing content in B2B campaigns is a result of teams working collaboratively. Copywriters, editors, graphic designers, SEO specialists and social media gurus all come together to make sure content is visually appealing, engaging for its audience, easily found, and promoted across the appropriate channels. In this infographic, we explore the five steps that you need to take when creating and delivering your content.


Of course, content is only one element of successful B2B marketing. Over the coming weeks, we will be exploring how to get your promotional campaigns off the ground, how to budget appropriately, the metrics you need to measure and the potential failures that you need to look out for. B2B promotional campaigns can be complex, but by investing your time and budget in the right areas, getting your teams to work together, and working in partnership with your clients, you can get your campaigns off the ground and achieving high levels of performance.

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