NFON brand and features animations
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NFON brand and features animations

Learn about the short animated videos we created to deliver key brand and new features messages for NFON.

Recognizing the ability of video to cut through the noise and grab the audience’s attention, NFON asked us to deliver two animated videos as part of a larger series. The first two animations would serve two main purposes:

  • Promote Cloudya, NFON’s Cloud Telephone System
  • Promote new features to help onboard new users

Creation and build

We worked with NFON to find the ideal look and feel for the videos. We agreed that an illustrative style would work well, both in terms of an engaging and informative concept, and also as an adaptable format that is relatively easy to replicate across multiple languages.

Brand promo video

The brand video has been scripted and filmed to help deliver new leads into NFON’s sales team. The simple yet engaging visuals highlight the core benefits of the Cloud Telephone System in helping organizations to reduce costs while boosting collaboration between colleagues, customers, and business partners.

Viewers are also given compelling reasons to trust NFON with reassurance that the cloud solution is scalable, flexible, and simple to set up.


Cloudya Meet & Share

The second video takes a step into the functionality of the Cloud Telephone System and shows how intuitive it is to use. To emphasize the incredible UI, this animation displays a series of screenshots and real-life examples of the system in action.

This approach makes it easier for both a new audience to appreciate the UI, as well as for existing users to learn how to perform helpful tasks to improve the quality of their video call.

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